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About Us

Ever since our establishment in 2002, Chemical Plus has grown into a leading supplier of chemical raw materials and food ingredients in the Middle East.

Our commitment to excellence allows us to build a reputation for quality and reliability. We develop our product portfolio and services regularly to better suit all your business needs and increase your product’s value over competitors.

We offer a broad range of raw materials that cater to each of the following sectors: food, paint, personal care, pharmaceuticals, home care, candles, coating, corrugated cardboard, water treatment, printing, etc…

Thanks to our highly qualified team, we offer innovative solutions, technical support and expertise to enhance existing products or create solutions through new applications giving you a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Chemical Plus maintains a permanent stock of its diversified range of products, stored in optimal conditions, in order to meet shortages and deliver quality services on time, all the time.

At Chemical Plus, we offer you quality products that we trust, technical know-how and innovative solutions that we invest in, and real added value that we believe in.